Saturday, April 2, 2016

Alleged Scandal Photos of Musical Ly Queen Leaked Online Today! Krishna Audrey Santos Johnson's videos are on fire.

Hailed as the queen in the Philippines by many netizens, Krishna Audrey Santos Johnson's videos are on fire. If you're familiar with her videos or if you have watched them, there's no denying that she makes one of the best videos out there. Coupled with her gorgeous looks, sophistication and charming allure, she's definitely captivated the eyes of many on social media networks.

But recently, Krishna found herself involved in an alleged photo controversy scandal that is now making rounds online. After being known for her less-revealing videos, the photos that have leaked online unfold a different side of the queen.

Revealing photos of Krishna half-clothed and bare naked have become a hot topic in the world of social media. Apparently, the photos came from a private conversation with her friend on Facebook, and has since been uploaded on Facebook pages for everyone to see. Take a look at some of the viral photos!

After finding out that her photos have been leaked on the internet, Krishna posted a status update about the issue and addressed it in an appropriate manner. Netizens were quick to defend the queen and offered their full support.

The queen thanked everyone for their unwavering love, and has found strength in many people's support.

Hopefully this serves as a lesson to everyone as well to be very careful with people who you trust, especially in the world of social media. Because you'll never know, these things may happen in an instant.

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